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Published on February 12, 2007 By RomanDA In OS Customization
If someone was to take the time to make a Good starter guide as well as a more in-depth guide to DX, what would you want to see?

How do i make a simple clock?
How do you make a Folder Object?
What is a Group?
How do you store settings in DX?

Please be detailed, it can help.

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on Feb 21, 2007
To get back to my post about that flipping right click menu, i have used the application RightClick extensively in the past year but i have uninstalled it since getting stuck into DesktopX, so i am aware of the possibility that i could re-install it and use it in this instance, but im beginning to think that its a bigger issue than just the menu itself at this stage.

What im thinking is:

I'm probably not the only one that doesn't like the standard menu and would like to change it.

I think its a waste of resources to have to install a totally separate application (IE RightClick in this instance) just to get rid of a feature in DesktopX, surely that isn't an efficient solution.

Perhaps it should be a feature that is introduced into DesktopX (or re-introduced as the case may be)? Seeing as we are in an era of customizing everything on a PC, surely the lack of ability to be able to do something with this menu is a bit limiting?

They are just my thoughts. As i said, maybe its a bigger issue than just myself not liking the menu, maybe its a DesktopX feature that should be looked into?

on Feb 21, 2007

I do not know how you change the DESKTOP RIGHT-CLICK menu with DesktopX, i have never seen a setting for this, or a way to program this option.

The only RIGHT-CLICK i know of is when you click on an object or the tray icon.

Unless someone else knows how to do this, i have no idea what to tell you.
on Feb 21, 2007
i got something you probly never heard...
how do you create a virtul explorer.. in other words view a directory structure, and have DesktopX show it in either an explorer pane or a 3d plane

there are lots of vb tutorials on how to get a dir structure.
im sure they could be made to do what you want.

Here is a tutorial sViz did on something like this: WWW Link

Id look that over and see how he did things.
on Feb 21, 2007
Hi RomanDA,

I'm gonna continue to pursue this in a separate thread specifically about the issue, i don't want to be taking away from this thread about tutorials etc... It could go on and on and that would be better happening in a separate thread. Thanks for your input so far though, ill see what else i can root up about it...

Keep up the good work man!


PS: Have a look at the following thread about it, it has am image that i posted that might make things clearer... I know you posted in the thread already but i think it was before i put in the image...

WWW Link

on Feb 21, 2007
Tutorial #1 is up: HELLO WORLD