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June 12, 2012 by RomanDA
Over the past year & 1/2 I have found myself unable to do some of the things that i have considered part of me.  Playing drums, taking TKD.  Mainly because of this wonderful tendonitis in my right elbow.  It causes me a great deal of pain when i "over use" it.  I also have little to no grip strength in my right hand.  Im working on this, and it has gotten a little better with the lack of use, i do not want surgery, and i still work 10-13+ hrs a day in front of a pc, ...
September 3, 2008 by RomanDA
I posted this in the new forums thread and was told to move it to a new one... so i am.

The MY REPLIES/MY POSTS etc links never seem to show the correct icons/status.

I cleared ALL MY Replies out yesterday, and as you can easily see from the SS below that there are a lot of them showing "activity" that obiviouly didnt happen in the past 24 hrs.  With the Watchlist emails dead this is the only way i have of keeping a quick eye on when someone replies to a post, or to a post i replied t...
September 16, 2007 by RomanDA
It seems that Microsoft wants students to use Office 2007.
If you are an "active" student - with a .edu address and 0.5 credits this term, you are eligible.

Check out this article from cnet: Link

Use the main link below to goto the MS site.
If anyone wants to get me a copy, let me know!!
February 12, 2007 by RomanDA
If someone was to take the time to make a Good starter guide as well as a more in-depth guide to DX, what would you want to see?

How do i make a simple clock?
How do you make a Folder Object?
What is a Group?
How do you store settings in DX?

Please be detailed, it can help.
November 6, 2006 by RomanDA
TiVo has silently raised its monthly service rates by as much as 54 percent depending on the plan selected, a move that has been criticized by some of its users. Effective this month, service plans with new contracts could be as high as $19.95 USD per month.

I'm glad I got rid of mine and have the Cable Companies DVR ($6.95/mo!)
November 2, 2006 by RomanDA
UTube is a business selling tubes, pipes, "tube mills" and other machinery. They complained a few weeks back that the site was being downed by heavy traffic as users looking for YouTube landed on their site instead, presumably by typing the wrong domain name. This downtime cost them a great deal of money in lost customers, they said. How big was the traffic spike? They claim unique visitors went from 1,500 to over 2 million per month. UTube has been forced to move hosts 5 times to cope with the ...
October 10, 2006 by RomanDA
Sorry folks.. time to try Wal-Mart?

At a rate "much faster then they 360"...
May 3, 2006 by RomanDA
Hey all,

Yeah its me again, seen my name a lot this past month maybe? Well its costing me, in a lot of ways!!
I just happen to run a part time web design company, and was adding a new customer to my site when I happened to see this big red piece of text:

43.83 GB (110% used) (Over Bandwidth Quota)

Ok, first off, it normally runs around 3-5 gb a month and to see 43, well almost 44 gb of bandwidth used I about crapped myself.

The first step was to see which one of my clients was sti...
April 8, 2006 by RomanDA
What is DesktopGadgets.com? (dg)
DG is a web site setup to showcase, sell, and yes to GIVE AWAY Gadgets.     What are Gadgets
What are Gadgets? Gadgets are a new category of mini-application designed to provide information, useful lookup, or enhance an application or service on your Windows PC or the Web. Examples might include a weather gadget running on your desktop or on ...
December 16, 2005 by RomanDA

The Birth of a Gadget
Birth does have its painsSportStrip started out as an idea from jrthor2 onDesktop Gadgets asking: "How about a gadget that displays sports scores from say ESPN?? that would be very cool!! "  The following is some of the joys and pains of the birth of this gadget.

Step 1: (finding the feeds)

The first step in making a sports score gadget was to be able to pull an rss feed that has updated info.  Again, thanks to jrthor2 for finding the rss feeds that foxsport...
November 28, 2005 by RomanDA
Hey all,

I have a web site i setup for my sister who runs a Salvation Army Corps. She has a request for something that im not sure how to do.
Im SURE with all the people here (including stardock!) someone knows how to do this.

She wants to display a candy cane or a tree, or maybe a kettle and have it FILL as the donations increase.
something VERY similar to what WC had when it was showing the Subscription Drive.

It needs to read the data from a database (thats not a big deal). S...
January 21, 2005 by RomanDA
Hey all...

I was looking at "MY SKINS" and noticed one had a lot of referals, so I went to look at them and there are 8 from this one site.

I went to that site and lo and behold there is my GreenEye_CPU Monitor for DekstopX


Does anyone know what they are saying on this page?

Maybe they are just sayin...
January 17, 2005 by RomanDA
I have not been playing with the RIGHTCLICK menu program for DesktopX until a few days ago, and now, i want to make my OWN SKIN!!

Is there any instructions anywhere on how to make a skin for RIGHTCLICK?

September 27, 2004 by RomanDA

Because my friends and associates think I am a computer person (*IE Someone who knows what to do with these stupid things OTHER then turn them on, leave them on for years, and once a month check email, OK I was an IT Manager for 13 years that might help too) I am bombarded by people asking me how to fix their totally screwed up pc's.

I have found that 99% of these people have eitherMALWARE,SPYWARE or other types of processes/programs running or TAKING OVER their pc. It is amazing to me...
September 21, 2004 by RomanDA

Who are spammers?

Why do they do what they do?

Since I do web design part time and have created over 500 web pages, as well as numerous Real Jukebox Skins and Windows Media Player skins, my email address is "out there" thus giving spammers a easy way to get a hold of me.  On a typical day I receive over 200 emails, 99.9997% are SPAM- JUNK-CRAP-LAME-GARBAGE!

I have some questions for these Spammers.

If you are selling a product, then why cant you spell ...