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Hey all,

I finished 5 of the "Step-by-step" DX tutorials and was wanting to continue the series (if people want me to), but i need to know what you would be looking for next?

Look over: Tutorial Listing

Let me know what you think would be a good next 4-5 steps???

these were some ideas before:
1. Start small: A "Hello World" widget... Basically, just a widget that says (in text and/or graphics, "Hello World"). -- DONE
2. Next, a widget with a little interactivity: Two or three buttons that you can click to make a message window appear. --- DONE
3. How to incorporate coding/scripting into the widget, so it can do more complex things. -- DONE
4. How to store settings, such as configuration settings and user input.
5. How to retrieve info from your computer (system settings, resources, etc.)
6. How to retrieve info from internet sources.
7. How to interact with Windows and programs (e.g., Outlook).

my goal is 10 step-by-step ones, but i dont want to repeat anything i have done.
on Apr 03, 2007
thats fine.. i tried to make them a little more eye-appealing.
on Apr 03, 2007
Do you mind if I convert your tutorials to a format similar to the DesktopX manual so I can implement them into my Script Manual gadget?
It'd be allot easier and better if I could streamline them into the same format. Cache pages from complex sites like WC isn't easy. As well as it's brings on a lot of extra clutter not needed.
on Apr 03, 2007

Be aware the tutorials images are going to be moving, so you might want to hold for a few weeks?
on Apr 04, 2007
bump.. anyone out there interested??
on Apr 04, 2007
i'm always interesting to learn more RomanDA
on Apr 04, 2007
I'm always interested in your scripts and tutorials.
Thanks for doing that.  
on Apr 04, 2007
Be aware the tutorials images are going to be moving, so you might want to hold for a few weeks?

Don't worry. I'm not updating the widget just now. Just trying to prepare things.
on Apr 04, 2007
i mean the images in the tutorials.. they have found a new home.. other then flickr.. i hope.. (wink-nickie-wink)
on Apr 04, 2007
Hello Roman,
Since i'm new on this, i'm trying to absorb the maximum from your interesting tutorials.
I have a particular need for an application. Would be great if you can integrate into one of yours tutorials or forward me to any already made example.
I need an object that could COPY to the clipboard a selected blocked word or group of words from ANY application in Windows, lets say from a browser, from word, from a pdf documents, from anywhere the user reads and open an script in a database application and paste the clipboard. The application is a Dictionary.
The idea is that the user can look up the dictionary from any place in Windows.
The Desktop object should have the option to allow the user to choos between 3 or 4 KEY combinations for instance CRTL + Right Click, ALT + Right click and so on. Thanks in advance

on Apr 04, 2007
That list looks good so far. Storing & retrieving data maybe would be a good one to do next. Kind of on the simpler side to introduce people to some more functionality of the FSO.
on Dec 02, 2008

I'd love to find out more on --> 7. How to interact with Windows and programs (e.g., Outlook).


Having great trouble exporting a sys info widget.. with an email notify grouped in.. as you know.. once it's exported, you can't configure your email, right click has close.. about and properties.. no access to config.. nor does it if you export as a dx pack help hehe