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May 3, 2006 by RomanDA
Hey all,

Yeah its me again, seen my name a lot this past month maybe? Well its costing me, in a lot of ways!!
I just happen to run a part time web design company, and was adding a new customer to my site when I happened to see this big red piece of text:

43.83 GB (110% used) (Over Bandwidth Quota)

Ok, first off, it normally runs around 3-5 gb a month and to see 43, well almost 44 gb of bandwidth used I about crapped myself.

The first step was to see which one of my clients was sti...
November 28, 2005 by RomanDA
Hey all,

I have a web site i setup for my sister who runs a Salvation Army Corps. She has a request for something that im not sure how to do.
Im SURE with all the people here (including stardock!) someone knows how to do this.

She wants to display a candy cane or a tree, or maybe a kettle and have it FILL as the donations increase.
something VERY similar to what WC had when it was showing the Subscription Drive.

It needs to read the data from a database (thats not a big deal). S...