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It seems that Microsoft wants students to use Office 2007.
If you are an "active" student - with a .edu address and 0.5 credits this term, you are eligible.

Check out this article from cnet: Link

Use the main link below to goto the MS site.
If anyone wants to get me a copy, let me know!!

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on Sep 17, 2007
Frontpage is dead : WWW Link


There are a lot of better products out there for web authoring and they are cheaper. Many are free (open source).
on Sep 17, 2007
Read what you want into it.....presume Microsoft is evil incarnate if you really must....but maybe think back to reading comprehension classes [or look forward to them].....

Wow... gg, lol

It'll bite ya, trust me. Good Luck
on Sep 17, 2007

yeah i didnt care for it much, obviously it wont be missed!
on Oct 12, 2007
Not a bad deal. Actually there's so many ways to get just about all Microsoft software at WAY below retail, its almost funny. Kinda like paying full sticker for a car. Just shouldn't happen.

I have play around with Open Office and its plenty useful, but really, get Open Office for free, MS Office for $60, and just think of all the aggravation you can save. Hell, most peoples cell bill run higher than $60 in just a month. MS Office at this price runs like what, $2/month till the next version.

Yeah, not free, not exactly expensive either.