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Sorry folks.. time to try Wal-Mart?

At a rate "much faster then they 360"...

on Oct 11, 2006
Darn it! My son was talking to me about his getting this for Christmas! I won't tell him, he'll freak out. Yes he will, as a gamer and you are, you understand what I mean!   I don't fully understand but I'm coping.   Thx for the tip though!
on Oct 11, 2006
I believe I read where each EB/GS was only going to take about 8 pre-orders per store. Also note that this pre-order does not guarantee you a system on release day.

On another note, the pre-orders for the Wii should begin Friday.

on Oct 11, 2006
True, and 2 of those PS3 systems could be bought by store staff, leaving only 6 units for potential customers.
on Oct 11, 2006
I love how they're already trying to spin this as proof of crazy consumer demand.  Yeah, release a handful of units and they're guaranteed to sell-out.  Doesn't mean it's insane demand, just ridiculously low supply.

I'll be interested to hear what the preorder debacle will be like for Nintendo.
on Oct 11, 2006
Well I wouldn't put $100 down on something I'm not guaranteed to get. I haven't read about the Wii allocation numbers, but Nintendo is supposed to have way more stock than Sony.

Most people don't seem to think it will be a problem for Nintendo. I will take a ride over to EB today to exchange my DS Lite, so I will talk to the manager and see what I can get out of him.

on Oct 11, 2006
Alright, the manager at the EB Games here said he had 16 PS3 pre-orders available, and they sold out before noon. He also said only one employee per store can pre-order, and none of them did because they all want the Wii.

They don't tell them when the pre-orders will start until the day before. He said either Friday or Tuesday is a good possibility because they usually get corporate calls on Mondays.

on Oct 12, 2006
I don't think the Wii will be that big of a debacle. They're going to have more initial launch units than either the PS3 or Xbox 360 did. It'll probably still sell-out, but shouldn't cause major pain.