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Now, how do I pay for this??
Published on May 3, 2006 By RomanDA In Websites

Hey all,

Yeah its me again, seen my name a lot this past month maybe? Well its costing me, in a lot of ways!!
I just happen to run a part time web design company, and was adding a new customer to my site when I happened to see this big red piece of text:

43.83 GB (110% used) (Over Bandwidth Quota)

Ok, first off, it normally runs around 3-5 gb a month and to see 43, well almost 44 gb of bandwidth used I about crapped myself.

The first step was to see which one of my clients was sticking it to me... i looked at my logs and low-and-behold.. it was ME sticking it to ME.

We to be more precise it was WINCUSTOMIZE.com sticking it to me!

I looked at my log for my site for the month and here is what I saw:

Notice the SMALL spick from Mar to Apr?????  yeah that's 6.3 MILLION+ hits last month!!
Up just a little from the average of 160k-200k a month!

And all this came from WHAT???

Lets see... here are my daily stats for April:

So what the heck happened on the 10th???

Lets look and see....

Anyone notice anything special in there???

Looks like the main page of WC sent over 4 MILLION hits to my site!!!!

So what the heck was that all about?

Oh yeah.. I wrote a little article [ CLICK HERE ] about www.DesktopGadgets.com and it was promoted to the main page by some guy named BRAD!

Than I also put up a Tutorial [ CLICK HERE ] on DX and how to do a mouse over.

So in just 13 days my site got over 6 million hits!
This is great exposure for me, but it also cause a small problem, ok more like a $50 problem (*so far)!
My bandwidth limit is 40gb/mo, as of right now its at 47gb and rising.  As it costs me $7.50/gb/mo over its going to be a large bit of change.


So.... HELP ME OUT!!  If you have used any of the GCII widgets [ CLICK HERE ] or used the tutorials, or if you got a sales boost from the promo of DesktopGadgets.com then send me $1.

If 25 or so people help me out with $2 I can pay this off and not have the wife jump all over me. (and not in THAT way!)

If you really want to help CLICK HERE

No this isn't a joke (but I'm not really expecting anyone to donate, but it cant hurt to ask!)

Thanks for listening,

Donation total: $23.48


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on May 10, 2006
i think thats whats wrong now...